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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where Do All the Pacers Go?

While I don't have a definitive response to the question everyone and their mother has been asking, here's my attempt to answer it.

Paul George goes to a table to play the blame game.
Roy Hibbert goes to the 8th wonder of the world where apparently even 7-footers can hide.
Lance Stephenson saves his appetite in Indy so he can eat his words in Miami.
And, Frank Vogel, he just goes home and cries.

What is it about this Indiana team that makes them so dysfunctional?  Well first off, it doesn't help that Paul George may be the most mercurial "superstar" in the NBA. Also, Larry the man (boss), the myth (great executive), the legend (this is true) decided it was wise to sacrifice team chemistry for..... What exactly did he trade Danny Granger for again? Frank Vogel hasn't had control of his team since the rumors started flying that the aforementioned Mr. Bird would grab a seat with the players again. Indy thought they were ready for the spotlight, in regards to which I had a wait and see mentality. And now I'm done waiting, the verdict is in and they aren't who we thought they were!!

 Since Miami's big 3 came to be, two teams from the Central division have been seen as potential Heat stoppers. Chicago and Indy. Chicago's hopes of dethroning King James have been floating around in D. Rose's knee for two years. Indianapolis, well their hopes have gone wherever the Pacers go. Can they get it together? This year, probably not. But hey, how does that cliche phrase go? There's always.... well that you do know.

Sorry guys, maybe next year.

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