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Monday, May 26, 2014

(Drumroll Please) It's the Return of the Chitown Hitmen

Thank you Rick Hahn, thank you so damn much for making the ChiSox exciting again. Some time last month, after Jose Abreu hit his (at the time) league leading 10th homer, I laid in bed and I wept. I don't know why (I'm lying) but I just laid there, smiled, and wept.

Why? Because for the first time since 2005 I have a legitimate reason to watch baseball! It's so surreal I don't remember if it was a dream or not. All I know is, I wept.

 I've wept because the Sox were terrible. I've wept because they won the World Series. And, I wept when The Big Hurt left and had a few solid years left in the tank while we floundered in post title Hell. But never have I produced tears of excitement over the future. This guy Hahn that replaced Kenny Williams (and in all honesty should have taken a job elsewhere before Kenny got promoted) is my new favorite person. He's my new favorite person because he stayed in Chicago and also because he had the foresight to outbid the opposition and pull the trigger on Abreu. He forced his hand and convinced Reinsdorf to sign off on a team record $68 mil. dollar deal. And, for that all of Chicago should thank him.

Despite actual contenders like the Red Sox, Rangers, and Yankees vying for the Cuban defectors services, somehow, someway, Ricky Hahn pulled off the impossible. He signed the best hitter Cuba has ever produced. Yeah, I said it. He's better than Yoenis Cespedes and even Yasiel (ManBear)Puig (Thank you Mykel Leon for the amazing moniker). This has turned out to be THE year of amazing "rookies", if you even want to call them that. Yes, they're new to the MLB but can Tanaka or Abreu REALLY be considered rookies? I mean come on... it's not even fair. This race was over before toes hit the starting line. Given that Abreu has missed even a day of action has all but guaranteed Tanaka the AL "rookie" of the year. But, this could go down as the best race in recent memory. And, at the very least, the most fun to watch.

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